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Ralph the Demolisher (Ralph Breaker)

Ralph the Demolisher (Ralph Breaker)Short tale: Ralph the Demolisher (Ralph Breaker)

Repair-Felix Junior was an 8-bit arcade video game. And even though it was 30 years old, some kids still liked to play it.

Ralph was the bad guy in the game. His job was to break the building. Felix was the good guy. His job was to fix everything Ralph broke.

Felix always won medals. And Ralph? Well, Ralph never got anything-except his usual trip to a mud puddle.

At one of the self-help meetings of anonymous arcade bad guys, Ralph heard that “it was good to be the bad guy” and that his game needed it. But Ralph wanted something more: to be as appreciated as Felix, and he believed that winning a medal might be the answer.

To get his medal. Ralph snuck into a brand new game: Hero’s Duty. The brand new game was full of horrible cyber-bugs! Ralph was terrified. It was the scariest game he had ever seen!

Sergeant Calhoun berated Ralph the whole time until a new player was ready to play. However, Ralph found out two important things: that the cyber-bugs were attracted to the tower’s beam of light and that the Medal of Heroes was on top of the tower.

Ralph managed to climb to the top of the giant building – and finally got his medal! The general congratulated him for being the most important hero in the whole universe!

Suddenly, a baby cyber-bug flew at Ralph’s face. Ralph screamed and fell into one of the escape pods.

The ship sped past the electrical wires of the Central Gaming Station and landed abruptly on a new game: Sugar Rush. Ralph didn’t notice that the cyber bug had escaped with him.

The silver medal had landed on a candy tree. As he climbed up to get it, a peculiar little girl named Vanellope von Schweetz appeared. Vanellope took the medal and Ralph fell into a swamp of liquid candy.

Vanellope headed for the race track. She used Ralph’s medal as currency to enter the race. The crowd gasped – Vanellope was a glitch, a programming glitch in the system! If he participated in the race, the game could break down.

The situation got ugly for Vanellope. Ralph had escaped from the liquid candy and was on her trail. Vanellope was off and running! So did the rest of the participants.

Soon after, the rest of the racers caught up with Vanellope. Since she was a glitch, they wrecked her car so she couldn’t run. Ralph saw the whole thing and chased after the bullies.

Ralph told Vanellope that she was a thief for taking his medal! Vanellope then proposed a deal: if Ralph would help her build a new race car, she could win the race and give him his medal back. Ralph reluctantly agreed.

Meanwhile, the Chachinans realized they needed Ralph. Without him, Felix had nothing to repair and the game appeared to be broken – the arcade owner stuck an “Out of Service” sign on the monitor!

Felix teamed up with Sergeant Calhoun from Hero’s Duty, Calhoun wanted to hunt down the cyber bug that had escaped with Ralph. Felix wanted to find Ralph. “But I never thought I would do like Turbo” Calhoun was curious – like Turbo?

Felix explained that Turbo was once the star of the arcade. But when a new game came along, Turbo moved in. Both games seemed to be out of order and were put on the “Out of Order” sign forever!

Meanwhile, Ralph and Vanellope headed to the hotrod factory. Ralph thought his little creation looked awful, but Vanellope loved it. At last she had a real racing car.

Our couple sped back to Vanellope’s home, hidden inside the Cola Light mountain. There, giant Mentos were falling into a pool, generating geysers of fiery cola! Ralph took pity on the little girl.

Ralph realized that Vanellope was an outcast like him. And he was determined to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a racer. And maybe, then, just maybe, she could be part of the game.

Later, King Candy found Ralph and gave him back his medal. The king explained to him that if Vanellope participated in the race, players might realize that she was a glitch. The game would be declared out of order and Vanellope would disappear forever.

Why is everyone against her?

Vanellope returned with a surprise. She handed Ralph a candy medal that read. “For brainless”. Vanellope smiled. “Turn around”. “I made it for you”. The obverse of the medal read, “You’re my hero”.

Ralph felt terrible, but he had to destroy Vanellope’s car to keep her from running. He had to protect her! And he felt even worse when he fell to his knees and told her, “Now I know you’re a real bad guy”.

Very sad, Ralph went home.

Back in Junior Repair-Felix, Ralph looked around the arcade: Vanellope’s picture was on the Sugar Rush machine. Vanellope really belonged in that game. King Candy had turned her into a glitch to keep her from participating in the races.

Ralph rushed back to Sugar Rush, and found Felix locked in one of King Candy’s dungeons. Ralph asked him to repair Vanellope’s car. If Vanellope participated in the race, the game would be restarted.

Felix repaired it!

Then Ralph found Vanellope. “I know, I know, I know, I know, I’m a fool” Vanellope smiled, “And…?” “… A brainless one”.

The bad guy and the glitch were back to being a team.

Felix and Ralph helped Vanellope join the race. She just had to cross the finish line to become a real racer. Vanellope used her system glitch as a glitch to pass the other racers, including King Candy! The king was furious.

Everyone was following the race on a monitor. Something was happening to King Candy. Felix couldn’t believe his eyes – the king was Turbo! Worse yet, the cyber-bug that had come with Ralph from Hero’s Duty was alive. And it had multiplied. And as the cyber-bugs tore through Sugar Rush, everyone was trying to escape.

But Vanellope was stuck in the game because she was still a glitch.

Ralph then remembered Hero’s Duty: the cyber-bugs were attracted to the giant beam of light coming out of the tower, that would destroy them. Ralph ran towards the Cola Light mountain and launched himself against the roof of the thermal geysers.

I’m a bad guy and that’s good, I’ll never be good and that’s not bad. I wouldn’t trade myself for anyone.

Ralph had risked his life to create a huge beam of light. Then, something incredible happened: Vanellope used her glitch powers to rescue him!

Vanellope and Ralph landed safely away from the volcano. The cyber-bugs swirled around and headed towards the beam of light, where they were destroyed – they had saved Sugar Rush!

It was time for Vanellope to cross the finish line. It was the way to change her programming, the programming that Turbo had modified. Ralph helped her with a little push. Are you ready?

More than I’ve ever been in my life!

When Vanellope crossed the finish line, Sugar Rush restarted. And Vanellope became a princess! She was the true ruler of Sugar Rush, even though she decided to remain a glitch. She liked being exactly the way she was.

Vanellope asked Ralph if he would like to stay in Sugar Rush, but he declined the offer. Ralph had a job to do, and it was important. It was time to go home to his own game.

Vanellope: hey, you could stay here and live in the castle. You’d have your own wing and no one would ever complain about your bad breath or beat you again. I could be happy!

Ralph: I’m already happy. I have the best friend in the world.

Repair-Felix Junior was working again, thanks to Ralph. He was still the bad guy, but that was good. Ralph now had a friend in the video game across the street. And that was good enough for him.


Source: Disney

Reflection on the story: The story shows us the importance of not judging people by their appearance or the role they play in society. Ralph, the main character, is considered the bad guy in the video game, but in reality he is a character with emotions and desires that cannot be limited by his role. Through his friendship with Vanellope, a girl outcast for being a “glitch,” Ralph learns that he can be loved and respected despite his role as a villain.

In addition, the story also shows the importance of empathy and friendship, as they are the basis for a more just and compassionate society.

Ralph the Demolitionist Frequently Asked Questions

¿What is the name of the video game in which the story takes place?

The video game is called Repair-Felix Junior.

¿Who are the main characters in the story?

The main characters are Felix, the good guy, and Ralph, the bad guy.

¿Why does Ralph decide to get a medal?

Ralph wants to be as appreciated as Felix and believes that winning a medal could be the solution.

¿How does Ralph manage to get his medal?

Ralph sneaks into a new game called Hero’s Duty and manages to climb up to the tower where the Hero’s Medal is located.

¿What is a glitch in the context of the story?

A glitch is a system programming glitch, and Vanellope is a glitch in the game Sugar Rush.

¿Why is the crowd surprised to see Vanellope running in the race?

The crowd is surprised because Vanellope is a glitch and if she participates in the race, the game could break down.

¿Why do the other racers wreck Vanellope's car?

The other racers wreck Vanellope’s car because being a glitch, she should not be competing in the race.

¿Why do the Chachinans need Ralph?

Chachinans need Ralph because without him, Felix has nothing to repair and the game seems to be broken.

¿What is Turbo's relationship to the story?

Turbo is mentioned in the story as a character who was the star of the arcade, but when a new game came along, he moved in and both games seemed broken.

¿What is Vanellope's dream?

Vanellope’s dream is to become a racer and participate in the Sugar Rush race.

How much do they know about the story Ralph the Demolisher (Ralph Breaker)

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  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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