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Mirta and the Celestial Dragons

Mirta and the Celestial DragonsShort tale: Mirta and the Celestial Dragons

The story goes that in a castle far away there lived a little princess named Mirta, she was very loved by the King and the Queen.

The little princess Mirta was very fond of animals, she had 1 white kitten and 2 small dogs as pets.

She was a very curious little girl, and one afternoon from the window of her room she watched two dragons flying very close to the castle, right where there was a huge tree.

In the evening, at dinner time, the little princess asked the King, “Daddy! I wanted to ask you something, from my bedroom window you can see a very big tree, why is it so big?

Daughter, that is the sacred tree of the kingdom, I will tell you a legend of your grandfather.

It is said that 2 dragons inhabit that tree, they are the guardians of the forest, if a human would manage to see them he would be the one chosen by the dragons to receive their heavenly power.

But it is only a legend, my dear daughter. The little princess went to sleep very thoughtful.

The next day, very early, the princess Mirta remembered the legend that the King told her, she went back to the window and very thoughtful looked at the tree, at that moment she saw how the 2 dragons came out of the top of the tree, they turned in the direction of the castle and at a very fast speed reached the window of the princess, she could not believe what was happening, it was 2 dragons, one golden and the other green, at that moment the golden one spoke to the princess.

Hello my highness! I am Deite the dragon, and I am Draco, exclaimed the green dragon.

You are the chosen one to carry the celestial power. Celestial power? What is that? said the little princess. Every 1000 years a person with a pure heart is born, a noble person who will help us dragons survive, you can open the portal so we can return to our families.

How can I help you? We need you to accompany us to the sacred tree, with your presence and the power we give you you can open the portal.

But I can’t get out of the castle? How are we going to get there? We can fly, trust us.

Mirta climbed on the back of Draco the green dragon and they went straight to the tree. When they arrived and were at the foot of the tree, Deite the dragon said.

Princess Mirta we need you to look at the tree and with all your heart’s desire say “Dragon Portal open”.

Mirta looked at the 2 dragons, sighed, looked at the tree and said “Portal of dragons open”, immediately a glow illuminated the tree and the portal opened.

Thank you for saving us princess Mirta said the 2 dragons, we have 5 minutes to leave before the portal closes. Little princess get in, I will take you back to the castle, said Draco.

Once in the castle, at the window of Mirta’s room, the dragon Draco said goodbye, thanking her and told her that whenever she wished she could open the portal and visit the world of the dragons.

Thank you, friend Draco, be happy with your families, with a big smile he told her that I will always be visiting you…


Reflection on the story: This story has several possible interpretations. First, it shows us the importance of being curious and observant of the world around us. The little princess Mirta, thanks to her curiosity, was able to witness something that few have seen in the kingdom, the guardian dragons of the forest. In addition, the legend the King told her about the sacred tree and the dragons allowed the little princess to understand her role as the one chosen to open the portal and help the dragons. This shows us that curiosity and attentiveness can lead us to discover fascinating things and fulfill an important purpose in our lives.

Secondly, the story tells us about the importance of nobility of heart and kindness. The dragons chose little princess Mirta because her heart was pure and noble, and that is why she was able to open the portal with the heavenly power they gave her. In other words, her kindness and love for animals and nature made her worthy of the dragons’ help. This teaches us that nobility and kindness are valuable qualities that can open doors to incredible opportunities and help for others.

Finally, the story shows us the importance of confidence and courage to achieve our goals. Although Mirta was afraid to leave the castle and fly on the back of a dragon, she trusted them and their cause to help them. Thanks to her courage and confidence, she was able to accomplish her mission and open the portal. This teaches us that trust in oneself and in others, as well as the courage to face our fears, are fundamental elements to achieve our goals and fulfill our purposes in life.

How much do they know about the story Mirta and the Celestial Dragons

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story Mirta and the Celestial Dragons. We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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