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The Princess and the Magic Flute

The Princess and the Magic FluteShort tale: The Princess and the Magic Flute

In a world far, far away there lived a princess named Leonor and she lived in a very big and boring castle. One day, while walking in the garden, she found a wooden flute hidden among the flowers. It was a very beautiful flute, with drawings of stars and moons. Leonor was curious and took it to her room.

There, she blew on the flute and a very sweet and happy melody sounded. Suddenly, the flute began to glow and a magical portal opened in the wall. Leonor couldn’t believe it. ¿What would be on the other side of the portal? ¿Would it be dangerous? ¿Or fun? She decided to find out and stepped through the portal with the flute in her hand.

When she reached the other side, Leonor was amazed. She was in an enchanted world, full of music and amazing things. There were trees that sang, flowers that danced, animals that played instruments and fairies that flew. Everything was very colorful and beautiful. Leonor felt very happy and wanted to explore this place.

As she was walking, she met a rabbit playing a drum. The rabbit’s name was Rulo and he was very friendly.

– Hello, ¿who are you? – asked Rulo.
– Hello, my name is Leonor and I am a princess. I have come from another world with this magic flute – replied Leonor.
¡Wow!, ¡what luck! This is the flute of harmony. It has the power to open portals to other musical worlds. I also came from another world with it a long time ago,” explained Rulo.
¿Really? ¿And what is your world like? – asked Leonor.
– My world is very boring. Everything is gray and silent. There’s no music and no fun. That’s why I ran away with my flute and stayed here – Rulo told her.
– Well, I want to stay here too. This is a wonderful world,” said Leonor.
– So, ¿will you be my friend? We can live together in my den and travel around the world,” said Rulo.
¡Of course we can! I would love to be your friend – agreed Leonor.

That’s how Leonor and Rulo became friends and started living together in the enchanted world. They had a great time playing, singing and dancing with the other inhabitants of the place. But one day, everything changed.

It turned out that the flute of harmony not only had the power to open portals, but also to close them. And that’s what it did without anyone noticing. The flute got tired of always being in the same place and wanted to get to know other worlds. So it closed the portal through which Leonor and Rulo had entered and escaped through another.

When Leonor and Rulo realized what had happened, they were very sad. They could no longer return to their worlds or visit others. They were trapped in the enchanted world forever.

¿What are we going to do now? – asked Leonor.
– I don’t know. Maybe we can find another magic flute or some other object to help us – suggested Rulo.
– Or maybe we can be happy here with our new friends – said Leonor.
– Yes, maybe you are right. After all, this world is not so bad – admitted Rulo.

And so it was that Leonor and Rulo decided to stay in the enchanted world and forget about their original worlds. They enjoyed their new life full of music and wonderful places.

And then the story was over.


Reflection on the story: The story shows us that sometimes, the search for happiness and adventure can take us to unexpected places. However, it also shows us that sometimes things do not turn out as we expect and we can get stuck in situations that are not ideal. Despite this, the story teaches us that we can learn to be happy with what we have and enjoy what surrounds us.

It also shows us the importance of friendship and companionship in our lives, and how we can find support and happiness in those around us.

Frequently asked questions about the story “The Princess and the Magic Flute”

¿Who is Leonor in the story?

Leonor is a princess who lives in a dull castle and finds a magic flute that takes her to an enchanted world.

¿What does Leonor do when she finds the flute?

Leonor takes the flute to her room and blows on it, which causes a magical portal to open.

¿What is the world Leonor arrives in like?

The world Leonor arrives in is an enchanted world full of music and wonderful things, like trees that sing, flowers that dance, and fairies that fly.

¿Who is Rulo in the story?

Rulo is a drum-playing rabbit who also came to the enchanted world with the magic flute.

¿Why does Leonor feel sad at one point in the story?

Leonor feels sad when the magic flute closes the portal through which she and Rulo arrived, and they realize that they are trapped in the enchanted world forever.

¿What lessons does the story teach us?

The story teaches us that the search for happiness and adventure can take us to unexpected places, but that we can also find happiness and support in those around us. It also shows us the importance of being happy with what we have and enjoying what is around us.

How much do they know about the story The Princess and the Magic Flute

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story The Princess and the Magic Flute. We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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