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Cinderella (Disney Princess)

Cinderella (Disney Princess)Short tale: Cinderella (Disney Princess)

Once upon a time, there was a very nice young girl named Cinderella.

All the little animals loved her very much – especially two little mice named Gus and Jaq. They would do anything for their friend Cinderella.

But still, Cinderella did what she could to make them happy.

The stepmother-Lady Tremaine-was cold, cruel and jealous of Cinderella.

She was fascinated with giving Cinderella a thousand chores, and bathing her cat Lucifer was one of the tasks she assigned her.

One day, a messenger arrived with a very special invitation – there was to be a ball at the palace!

The king wanted his son to find a bride, so all the young ladies of the kingdom had been invited – including Cinderella!

Cinderella was very excited about the ball. In the attic, she found a dress that had belonged to her Mama.

Although the dress was old, Cinderella could make several alterations to it to make it look better.

Lady Tremaine didn’t want Cinderella to go to the ball, she just wanted the prince to meet Drizella and Anastasia.

With luck, maybe he would marry one of the stepsisters.

Lady Tremaine ordered Cinderella to do a lot of chores, which would take a whole night to complete.

While Cinderella worked, the little mice and birds arranged her dress. They put bows and beads on it that the stepsisters had thrown away.

Cinderella was impressed when she saw the dress – now she could go to the ball! “Thank you so much!” – Cinderella said.

When the stepsisters saw that Cinderella’s dress had ribbons and beads that had been theirs they were too upset and tore the dress by tearing off what they had thrown away. Lady Tremaine did not stop them. Without a dress, Cinderella could no longer go to the ball.

Cinderella ran into the garden and burst into tears. Suddenly, her Fairy Godmother appeared.

With her magic wand, she turned a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage. Now Cinderella could go to the ball in that carriage, but her dress was still torn.

“Bibbidi-babbidi-babbidi-bou!”– said the Fairy Godmother. And with her magic wand she transformed Cinderella. She gave her a beautiful dress and glass shoes.

Now Cinderella could go to the ball, but on the condition that she would return at midnight.

At the ball, the prince could not take his eyes off Cinderella.

As soon as the orchestra began to play, the prince started dancing with Cinderella – even though he had never met.

He didn’t even know her name! Cinderella had always dreamed of a night like that.

Sooner than they thought, it was midnight. “Goodbye!” said Cinderella. “Come back!” said the prince. “I don’t even know your name!”

As she was hurrying along, Cinderella left one of her shoes on the stairs.

The prince sent the Grand Duke to find the girl who had left the shoe in the palace.

Lady Tremaine locked Cinderella in the attic, so that no one would see her. But Gus and Jaq helped her out.

Seeing that the shoe didn’t fit either of her daughters, Lady Tremaine had the shoe broken but Cinderella had the other shoe. And it fit her perfectly!

Cinderella and the prince were married, and everyone celebrated! The little mice wore special outfits for the wedding.

Full of joy, the prince and Cinderella lived together happily ever after.


Source: Disney

Reflection on the story: The story of Cinderella tells us about perseverance and kindness. Despite the challenges and cruelty of her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella never loses hope and always strives to do the right thing and help others. She also shows us how magic can make the impossible possible and how friendship and true love can overcome any obstacle.

Frequently asked questions about the fairy tale Cinderella

¿Where does the story of Cinderella originate from?

The story of Cinderella originated in France.

¿Who were Cinderella's friends in the story?

Cinderella’s friends were two little mice named Gus and Jaq, and other little animals who loved her very much.

¿Why did Cinderella's stepmother treat her badly?

Cinderella’s stepmother treated her badly because she was jealous of her and preferred the prince to marry one of her daughters.

¿How did Cinderella get to go to the ball?

Cinderella got to go to the ball thanks to her Fairy Godmother, who transformed a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage and gave her a beautiful dress and glass shoes.

¿Why did Cinderella have to return at midnight from the ball?

Cinderella had to return at midnight from the ball because that was the condition imposed on her by her Fairy Godmother in granting her wish.

¿How did the prince find Cinderella after the ball?

The prince found Cinderella thanks to the glass slipper she lost on the palace stairs.

¿Why did Lady Tremaine try to stop Cinderella from attending the ball?

Lady Tremaine tried to stop Cinderella from attending the ball because she wanted the prince to meet her daughters and marry one of them.

¿What role did animals play in the story of Cinderella?

Animals played an important role in the story of Cinderella, as they helped Cinderella get ready for the ball and escape from the attic where Lady Tremaine had locked her up.

¿What lessons can we learn from the story of Cinderella?

The Cinderella story teaches us the importance of being kind and caring, persevering despite the odds, and believing in our dreams.

¿Why is the Cinderella story so popular all over the world?

The Cinderella story is popular around the world because it is a timeless story that shows universal values such as kindness, love, perseverance and overcoming obstacles. In addition, the story has a feel-good happy ending.

How much do they know about the story Cinderella (Disney Princess)

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story Cinderella (Disney Princess). We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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