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Princess Anastasia

Princess AnastasiaShort tale: Princess Anastasia

Once upon a time in the middle of a great jungle, there was a kingdom called Tanzonga.

Tanzonga was ruled by an evil king named Boris. The people under his reign were very unhappy.

The taxes they paid were very high, the soldiers were thugs and no one had the right to freedom of speech.

But it was not always like this, Tanzonga used to be a happy and peaceful kingdom under the rule of its rightful king, King Robin.

King Robin loved his subjects and always took advice to try to improve the lives of the people of his kingdom.

Not only was he a good king, he was also a great husband and a good father.

He loved his wife and his only daughter, Anastasia.

Things were going well when suddenly one day Boris, who was then a general in the King’s army, decided to turn against him very discreetly.

Gradually he began to influence the ministers and knights to turn everyone against the King. It didn’t take him long, as he used his greed to his advantage and when the appointed day came he captured the King and Queen and ordered them to be taken away and locked in the dungeons.

You are a traitor! Release us.

I am the new ruler of this kingdom, the great King Boris.

Anastasia run!

Guards, catch the princess.

The guards ran after the princess, then only five years old, but fortunately the princess disappeared and they could not find her. It was as if she had vanished into thin air.

Days passed and the soldiers were afraid because they could not find the princess.

They argued among themselves and then they went to Boris and told him.

Your Highness, the princess was trying to cross the river when she drowned in the water.

Well, Robin’s only heir is gone. The kingdom now belongs to me, it is mine alone.

Years passed and in a faraway place a young Anastasia was training with her master.

I am very proud of you, Anastasia, your training is now complete. Thank you, master, remember Ana. When in doubt, just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Yes, master, I will cut it out. Well, now you are ready to go to Tanzonga.

In Tanzonga a guard asks a girl, Hey, what have you got in that bag there, huh?

Just a couple of apples for my little sister.

She doesn’t need them, give them to me.

No, I won’t, she’s very hungry.

How dare you!

I’m going to…

At that moment Anastasia suddenly appears in front of the guard and says: Using your size and strength to scare a little girl, very manly.

Who are you? Get out of my way.

With one blow he knocked the guard down and said, enough of bullying innocent people. Go back to your king and tell him his days are numbered.

The soldier ran away, very scared.

Anastasia looked at the girl and turned to leave when she said, wait, what is your name?

Hey! Scorned replied Asia.

Wow you are a superhero Asia, a Super Asia.

Go home little girl.

And instantly Anastasia disappeared in the middle of the night.

Soon news of Anastasia coming to the rescue of the people began to spread like wildfire. The people of the kingdom thought they finally had a savior.

Who is she? I don’t know, we’ve barely seen her face.

In the meantime, she became the role model for the children.

Soon the news of overcoming reached the king.

Who is this Super Asia and how dare she attack my soldiers, sir, it’s her, it’s a….

How dare you answer me?

Oh, no, no your highness, it’s not him, it’s her, Super Asia is a woman.

A woman?

You mean to tell me that a girl is causing all this in my kingdom?

While the ministers and Boris were still talking, the Minister of Public Welfare, a position that only had the importance of his name, Mr. Haruto arched his eyebrows.

Sorry to interrupt my lord, but if the minister could tell us when exactly she appears, it could be of great help in planning our moves.

I agree,” said Boris.

She appears only after sunset. She never appears during the day.

Yesterday, when one of our soldiers was collecting taxes during the afternoon, he felt he was being watched and followed. Nothing happened to him then, but in the evening, when he was on his way to the castle with the tax money, he was attacked and tied up.

In the last few weeks, many of our soldiers have been attacked. It seems that she intends to attack anyone who is part of her administration your highness.

A small smile came across Lord Haruto’s face.

Later that night, Mr. Haruto was standing on a deserted road in the town square, when he suddenly felt someone behind him and smiled. Mr. Haruto immediately grabbed his hand and looked into his eyes and smiled. Anastasia was confused.

Princess Anastasia!

Who are you, how do you know my name?

The Big Dipper, your birthmarks under your eyes, are shaped like that constellation, the Big Dipper.

Anastasia’s eyebrows arched and she immediately moved like the wind.

Now Mr. Haruto was on the ground. My brother has taught you well.

Anastasia was surprised.

The day you ran away, it was the same day my brother Michiko left Tanzonga, it crossed my mind that I could have rescued you, but then I pushed that thought away. But recently, when I started hearing things about Super Asia’s stories and her grudge against the King’s court, those old thoughts came back.

Anastasia stood up. Mr. Haruto also stood up.

Why are you here?

Michiko and I have always promised to protect King Robin and his family until our last breath.

But Boris planned it all very cleverly when the king and queen were imprisoned. I was given the choice of joining Boris or giving up my life. I thought that if I was alive and out of prison, I could one day free them.

Therefore, I agreed to join their ranks. However, my brother did not know of my intentions, so he left with you and never told me anything about his whereabouts.

Since that day I have been looking for an opportunity to free the king and queen, but it has not presented itself until you appeared.

I want my father and my father out of the dungeons.

If you are truly loyal to them, now is the time to prove it. Tell me how I can get to Boris without arousing suspicion in the palace, so the guards won’t harm my parents, before I get to them.

Don’t worry, I have the perfect plan.

Mr. Haruto explained to Anastasia that Boris was always surrounded by guards, except once a year, on the day when a big play was performed for his subjects about how he conquered the kingdom, Boris loves to remind people every year that he is their great king.

He acts on stage, but obviously presents himself as a great warrior and a beneficent leader.

He starts the play alone and then the other actors join in.

Mr. Haruto told Anastasia the day and time of the play.

Anastasia smiled and a few days later the time came.

People began to gather near the stage. Ministers and gentlemen sat in the front seats. The drums beat and the curtains opened to everyone’s surprise.

Boris was tied up and lying on the floor while Anastasia sat on the throne.

Is that part of the play? Hey look it’s Super Asia.

And soon the atmosphere was filled with murmurs. Just then Mr. Haruto got on stage and said… and that’s it, it’s the end of Boris’ reign. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you your long lost princess, the rightful heir to the throne. Princess Anastasia.

The crowd began to shout with happiness… Wow, woohoo, yeah, well she’s our princess yessssss.

That’s enough!

You think you can capture our king and we’ll just sit around? Guards go to the prison and find out where Robin and his wife are. If you don’t free Boris, your parents will pay dearly.

All right, try if you want. All the doors to this room are locked from the outside. As we speak, my father and mother are being released from prison.

Throw down your weapons immediately.

Helpless, the soldiers and ministers did exactly as they were told, they threw down their weapons.

Anastasia hissed

Boris, you tricked me, hey this is no way….

Anastasia, I need to remind you how you took over our kingdom.

Boris, I should have pursued you myself. My biggest mistake was thinking a girl could never hurt me.

Anastasia, yes this has been your biggest mistake.

And so Boris and his men were imprisoned. Anastasia was reunited with her parents, Mr. Haruto was reunited with his brother and the people of the kingdom were once again very happy.

Princess Anastasia was crowned as the new ruler of Tanzonga, under her rule the people were really happy.

During the day Anastasia was a great ruler, making her decisions based on law and order.

But when the sun went down, she would take a deep breath and take to the darker streets of her kingdom like a caped heroine, Super Asia.


Source: Spanish fairy tales

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