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The Nutcracker (Princess Clara)

The Nutcracker (Princess Clara)Short tale: The Nutcracker (Princess Clara)

It was New Year’s Eve and snowy. The Stahlbaum family home was still beautifully decorated with colorful glittering ornaments and a large Christmas tree with its twinkling lights.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Clara, the youngest girl in the family, went to the door and opened it joyfully, her arms full of presents. Uncle Drosselmeyer came. When Clara saw her favorite uncle with all those presents, she was very excited. Clara had no patience to wait until midnight. She wanted to have her present. At that moment, Uncle Drosselmeyer could not disappoint Clara and gave her her present. Very excited, Clara opened her present, this was the most interesting present she had ever received. Her uncle’s gift was a funny-faced Nutcracker with a red nose and a thin mustache. Clara, she never had a toy like this before she really loved this toy Nutcracker. She started playing with it and even danced. Fritz, Clara’s naughty brother, on the other hand, didn’t like the present he received and threw it away.

He liked Clara’s Nutcracker better. So he tried to take it away.

I want this one, not Fritz, that’s mine.

But he finally managed to get the Nutcracker out of Clara’s hand and went upstairs.

Hey Fritz, hurry up and give me back my toy, play with your own toy.

I never liked that mouse. This should be mine. Please don’t give me back my Nutcracker.

Here it is.

And what does Clara see as she reaches out to take the Nutcracker?

The toy’s arm was broken right there on the floor. Clara got very angry and started to cry.

Don’t worry Clara, I will fix it.

It was past midnight, the New Year’s celebrations were over and like all the children, Clara, was tired and so she went to bed, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her Nutcracker toys.

I hope uncle was able to fix the Nutcracker with overwhelming curiosity, Clara jumped out of bed and with one leap entered the living room. There was the Nutcracker in one piece, sitting under the Christmas tree.

Clara, so happy, hugged the Nutcracker and peacefully fell asleep. Soon after, in her sleep, Clara heard some strange noises and slowly, as she opened her eyes. She thought she was dreaming and fell asleep again.

Unaware that in that instant she had begun her journey to Neverland.

The noises began once again. It seemed to be the mice making so much noise. Clara opened her eyes once again, the furniture in the house seemed to be much bigger.

Now the Christmas tree where she slept became a gigantic tree. Clara, she was wide awake.

Now, just then, she realized that, in fact, nothing was growing, but that she was shrinking.

And just then she noticed that the Mouse King and his army were heading towards her. She was very scared and wanted to run away, but the giant mice managed to stop her.

They began to surround her and slowly began to approach her.

At that point, the Nutcracker had also come to life. Because these stop there Clara we can climb this tree and escape.

Clara and the Nutcracker managed to climb the tree and from there they jumped to the upper floor. Where are we going? This is your house, you must know some place where the mice won’t find you, I’m going to ask for help. As Clara ran, the Nutcracker quickly left. The mice had scattered all over the house and were looking for Clara.

The Nutcracker had approached a toy store. He saw that there were many toy soldiers sitting in the window. He grabbed a rock and broke the window.

Hey, guys, what are you doing just standing there? Run for it. My friend Clara is in trouble. The Mouse King and his army are going to get her.

Suddenly, the toy soldiers had come to life. They all jumped out of the broken window and followed the Nutcracker. Once the Nutcracker reached the house, it looked like a war scene. The mice had turned the place upside down.

The Nutcracker and his soldiers drew their swords and began to fight the Mouse King and his army.

Unfortunately, there were more mice than soldiers, most of the toy soldiers ended up wounded. The Nutcracker was also in bad shape, with several wounds on his body.

Clara came out from where she was hiding.

She knew she had to do something, but being so small she knew she couldn’t do it and the Mouse King approached the Nutcracker and brought his sword close to his face.

In a great panic, Clara screamed and threw her shoe at the Mouse King.

The shoe flew and hit the unconscious Mouse King’s head, the Mouse King fell to the ground, seeing their king fall to the ground the mice realized they had lost. And so they carried their king out of the living room and left.

Clara ran to the Nutcracker, he was unconscious, lying on the floor. Clara knelt down in front of the Nutcracker and began to cry.

Nutcracker awoke.

Suddenly, a fairy appeared behind Clara.

With her blue outfit, her wings and her delicate wand, she was an extremely sweet fairy. The fairy could not bear to see Clara’s tears, and so she used her magic.

And just then, the Nutcracker transformed into a handsome prince.

In amazement and happiness, Clara found herself looking at the prince. The handsome prince held out his hands and they began to dance. This was a magical dance, Clara noticed that at that moment she began to float in the air. And again, among the fairy dust appeared the candy fairy. This time there were other fairies, among them, the fairies took Clara and the Nutcracker prince flying to the land of candy. Trees made of candy, candy flowers, pink butterflies, golden colored candy apples. It was such a lovely place, Clara, began to tell her story and all that had happened. I know everything that happened.

Don’t worry, Clara, this one is doing it with us.

Soon after, a peaceful sound of a flute surrounded the atmosphere and so the fairies and colorful flowers began to dance. Soon after, the Nutcracker and Clara joined the dance. All around danced the colorful trees, lollipops and candies. Clara and the Nutcracker prince suddenly realized they were on stage, after the beautiful sound of the flute ended.

Clara looked around. She was on the stage. The audience among her was already applauding. Clara bowed to the audience.

Happily, she closed her eyes. Clara Clara, just then, at the sound of her mother’s voice, she opened her eyes, rubbed her eyes and looked around. Later she noticed that the Nutcracker toy was in her lap with great confusion. Her mother was looking at her. Little did she know that Clara was also lost in confusion. Honey, I slept all night. Mother and me, me.

But it all seemed so real.

At last she longed to return to her dream. Clara closed her eyes.


Source: Adisebaba

Reflection on the story: The story of the Nutcracker tells us about the importance of imagination and creativity in our lives. Through the story, we are shown how the main character, Clara, is able to escape from reality and travel to a magical world through her imagination and dreams.

In addition, the story also teaches us the importance of valuing and caring for our personal objects, as Clara cherishes her Nutcracker and feels very sad when her brother breaks it. However, thanks to the efforts of Uncle Drosselmeyer and the help of the toy soldiers, Clara manages to recover her toy and is victorious in her adventure.

Frequently asked questions about the story The Nutcracker

¿What is The Nutcracker about?

The Nutcracker tells the story of a little girl named Clara who receives a nutcracker as a Christmas present and is plunged into a magical world full of adventures.

¿What is the origin of The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is a fairy tale written by German author Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann in 1816.

¿Why is The Nutcracker so popular in popular culture?

The Nutcracker has become a Christmas classic due to its adaptation as a ballet by Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

¿In which country does the story of The Nutcracker take place?

The story of The Nutcracker takes place in Germany.

¿Who are the main characters in The Nutcracker?

The main characters in “The Nutcracker” are Clara, the Nutcracker, the Mouse King and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

¿What is the main message of The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is a story that conveys the value of imagination and the importance of believing in magic.

¿Are there any film adaptations of The Nutcracker?

Yes, there are several film adaptations of “The Nutcracker”, including the 1990 animated film and Disney’s 2018 live-action version.

¿What kind of music is used in the ballet The Nutcracker?

The music used in the ballet “The Nutcracker” is a composition by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

¿Are there any differences between the original fairy tale and the ballet The Nutcracker?

Yes, there are some differences between the original fairy tale and the ballet, as the ballet includes some characters and situations that do not appear in the fairy tale.

¿Is it advisable to read The Nutcracker to young children?

Yes, “The Nutcracker” is a story that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and can be a fun way to introduce them to the world of classic literature.

How much do they know about the story The Nutcracker (Princess Clara)

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story The Nutcracker (Princess Clara). We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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