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Frozen (Anna and Elsa)

Frozen (Anna and Elsa)Short tale: Frozen (Anna and Elsa)

Once upon a time, in a distant region near the mountains, there was a kingdom with a beautiful palace ruled by very good and just kings. That place was called Arendelle.

The kings had a first daughter whom they named Elsa. She was very blonde, her complexion was as white as snow and her eyes were a very intense blue.

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The following year they had another daughter, whom they named Anna. And so the two sisters grew up together during the first years of their lives. They played, laughed, played jokes on each other. There was a lot of complicity between them, although they were very different:

  • Anna was very restless and mischievous, curious and impulsive.
  • Elsa was much calmer and rational. They made a fantastic team.

But Elsa, as she grew up, discovered that she was different from her sister. She had certain powers that at first she was unable to control. As children, the two sisters had fun thanks to Elsa’s powers, because she was able to create snowmen, wonderful ice figures, funny little snowflakes… Everything she could transform into ice or snow just by touching it with her hands.

The girls’ parents, seeing what was happening with their daughter Elsa, bought her some gloves and forbade her to take them off. But in an oversight, and playing, Elsa took off a glove and unintentionally threw a ray of ice at her sister. Anna almost died. Her parents managed to save her by taking her to the trolls in the forest. Anna survived but was left with a white lock in her hair as a souvenir.

Elsa, realizing the terrible harm she could cause to others, decided to lock herself in a room and stay away from her sister. Anna did not understand anything, nor did she know why her sister did that. The trolls, by healing her, had erased part of her memories, and Anna had forgotten that her sister could turn everything into ice.

Anna came up with many ways to communicate with her sister, sending messages and drawings under the door, but she couldn’t get her sister to open the door to her room.

The two sisters grew up and suddenly tragedy struck: the girls’ parents died in a shipwreck, and Elsa had to succeed her father on the throne when she turned 18.

The young girl was very afraid because she felt unable to control her powers. And on the day of the coronation she would have to open the castle gates to everyone.

Anna, on the other hand, was thrilled, her sister was finally going to come out of her room! She was so happy, that she went out to look for decorations to prepare the best coronation party. And on her way she met a handsome prince with whom she supposedly fell in love instantly: Hans.

So Anna ran in search of her sister to tell her that she wanted to marry him. Her sister was angry:

– How can you marry him if you don’t know him,” Elsa scolded her.

– I love him and that’s enough,” her sister replied, reminding her in passing how much she had given her sister a hard time by locking herself in her room all that time.

Elsa became more and more nervous, and this made her powers get more and more out of control, until, because of her fury at her sister’s challenge, she threw a lightning bolt on the ground and the whole castle and part of the kingdom froze instantly. Everyone looked at her in fear and Anna, seeing what she was capable of doing, finally began to understand why her sister had locked herself in her room since she was a little girl.

Elsa was so frightened by what she had just done, that she decided to renounce the throne and flee the castle. She took refuge in the mountains, where she built an ice palace so that she could express without fear everything she felt. However, in her flight, she left the whole kingdom in perennial winter.

Anna, desperate to get her sister back and bring spring back to Arendelle, left the castle in charge of Prince Hans and set out in search of her sister. She had the help of an ice collector she met along the way, Kristoff, her reindeer Sven and a funny and ingenious snowman that Elsa created during her escape, named Olaf.

Anna managed to reach the Ice Palace, and tried to convince her sister to return to the castle, but Elsa was very scared, and exploded out of fear in a battle of ice. One of the lightning bolts hit Anna’s heart and it began to freeze… Anna remembered what the trolls told her as a child: “only an act of true love can save her”. So her friend Kristoff thought that a kiss from Hans, with whom she thought she was in love, would be enough.

But Hans was pursuing other dark goals: to take over the kingdom of Arendelle. He arrived accompanied by a large number of soldiers to the Ice Palace and managed to catch Elsa. He locked her in the castle and refused to kiss Anna, with whom, of course, he was not in love.

Elsa managed to escape from the dungeon, and already outside, Hans rushed at her to kill her, but Anna stood in his way to save her. The young Anna was transformed into a figure of ice and Elsa, seeing that her sister had sacrificed her life for her, began to cry inconsolably.

Elsa’s love for her sister caused the ice that covered her to melt, and Anna came back to life. An act of true love, as advertised, succeeded in saving her life. And there was no greater love than the love her sister felt for her.

Elsa finally understood everything and discovered that she could indeed control her powers, with some love, patience and practice. In fact, she managed to bring spring back to the kingdom and everyone regained confidence in her. Elsa and Anna finally began to live happily in the castle of Arendelle.


Reflection on the story: The story of Frozen shows us that it is important to accept and control our own powers, and that we should not hide or reject them, but learn to manage them responsibly.

It also highlights the importance of love and understanding between siblings and the importance of having patience and trust in relationships. Finally, the story shows the importance of not making hasty decisions and getting to know someone well before committing to a serious relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions Frozen

¿Who are the main characters in Frozen?

The main characters are the sisters Elsa and Anna.

¿Why does Elsa have ice powers?

Elsa was born with magical ice powers due to an ancestral curse in her family.

¿Why does Elsa isolate herself from Anna and the rest of the world?

Elsa isolates herself because she fears hurting people with her ice powers.

¿How does Anna make it to Elsa's ice castle?

Anna makes it to Elsa’s ice castle after making her way through a dangerous snowstorm and crossing a frozen river.

¿Why is Hans trying to kill Elsa?

Hans tries to kill Elsa to seize the throne of Arendelle.

¿Who saves Anna after Elsa accidentally ices her?

Reindeer Sven and Kristoff take Anna to the Trolls, who manage to cure her.

¿Why does Anna decide to sacrifice herself for Elsa at the end of the movie?

Anna decides to sacrifice herself for Elsa to protect her from Hans’ attack and save her sister.

¿Why does Elsa decide not to kill Hans at the end of the movie?

Elsa decides not to kill Hans because she realizes that it is not necessary to use violence to resolve conflicts.

¿Who sings the song Let It Go in the movie Frozen?

The song “Let It Go” translated to spanish “Libre Soy”, is sung by Idina Menzel (American actress and singer), who dubs the role of Elsa in the movie.

¿What lessons can be learned from the Frozen story?

The Frozen story teaches lessons about sisterly love, the importance of accepting oneself and others, and peaceful conflict resolution.

How much do they know about the story Frozen (Anna and Elsa)

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story Frozen (Anna and Elsa). We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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