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Frozen 2 (Anna and Elsa)

Frozen 2 (Anna and Elsa)Short tale: Frozen 2 (Anna and Elsa)

King Agnarr of Arendelle loved to tell stories of long ago to his daughters Elsa and Anna.

One night he told them about the Northuldra, a people who lived in harmony with the spirits of nature. The citizens of Arendelle had built a dam for the Northuldra as a symbol of friendship. But on the day the two groups gathered to celebrate, a confrontation occurred and the Enchanted Forest was surrounded by an impenetrable fog.

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Do you think the forest will wake up again? Elsa asked.

Only Ahtohallan knows, her mother replied.

Ahto who? Anna asked.

Queen Iduna told them that her mother used to sing them a lullaby near a magic river called Ahtohallan, which held the answer about the past. So she began to sing the song. It wasn’t long before the girls fell fast asleep.

Many years had passed since then and although their parents were gone, Anna and Elsa were very close and always looked out for each other.

They always had time for family game night. It was the boys’ turn and Kristoff guessed Ice cream! Oak! Teapot! Unicorn!

Sven rang the doorbell, as time ran out.

Anna struggled to guess Elsa’s performance, but she knew something was bothering her sister. Are you all right? she asked.

I’m a little tired,” said Elsa, forcing a smile. Good night. She added and went to her room.

The truth was that something was bothering Elsa. A voice had been calling her, trying to lure her away from the kingdom. It seemed that no one else could hear her. And try as she might, she could not silence it.

A while later, Anna came to Elsa’s door. Are you using mommy’s blanket? she said. You always do when something is wrong.

Elsa didn’t want to worry Anna, but Anna always found a way to make Elsa feel better, both through her words and her actions.

What would I do without you? Elsa asked. I will always be by your side,” Anna replied.

Later that night, Elsa awoke to the sound of the mysterious voice.

As much as she wanted to shut it out, she couldn’t help but be curious if the voice belonged to a magical creature like herself. As she walked towards the fjord, an idea occurred to her. She used her magic to throw snow into the air and images she had never seen before, sprang from her fingers and surrounded her. There was a forest, a reindeer, a little girl.

Fascinated by the images she had created, Elsa cast her magic, a huge shockwave swept across the fjord like an explosion. The moisture in the sky froze, forming tiny crystals that hung suspended in the air.

As the crystals fell Arendelle was transformed, the water stopped flowing, the fire faded, the wind picked up driving the villagers from their homes and the ground rippled like the sea.

Once everyone was safe on the cliffs of Arendelle, Elsa told Anna and Kristoff about the voice.

The ground rumbled once again, but this time it was the trolls coming rolling down the mountain.

Pabbie went straight to Elsa. They could both sense that the nature spirits were angry.

The past is not what it seems, Pabbie said. Elsa knew she needed to find that voice.

So at dawn, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven joined Elsa and began their journey north. As the night came to an end, Elsa asked Kristoff to stop, because she heard the voice.

Up ahead, over a small rise in the road, was a wall of shimmering mist. Elsa ran straight for it. She knew they had arrived.

Kristoff and Olaf were less patient as they approached the mist Kristoff raised his hand and touched it. The group watched as his hand could not go through it. We’ll do this together, okay, said Anna. Together, said Elsa, I promise.

And so the fog continued to recede, revealing four stone monoliths.

But as they passed the pillars, the fog closed in behind Elsa, Anna and their friends and they were trapped inside.

The mist led them to a clearing and freed them. Olaf touched the fog they had just emerged from and bounced back. When Elsa heard Anna’s call, she turned to her sister.

Elsa and are you? Anna exclaimed in relief.

Elsa assured Anna that she was fine. But then they realized that they had lost track of Olaf.

The little snowman was walking distractedly, exploring with glee until he realized he was alone.

Then he laughed at himself. I don’t even know a Samantha. As he looked anxiously around in search of his friends, the beautiful forest seemed frightening to him, without any warning. A large hole opened up at his feet. Olaf tried to see what was underneath. Samantha asked again.

Olaf continued on his way and found a stream. He looked into the water, but a strange image emerged from the depths. Olaf screamed and stepped back. The wind spirit swept Olaf away just as his friends found him. The force of the current pulled him apart. Then the wind spirit pushed everyone out of reach.

Desperate. Elsa threw a stream of snow into the center of the whirlwind.

The wind swirled harder around Elsa until finally she opened her arms throwing her powers. The snow froze the air and created beautiful ice sculptures.

Each seemed to represent a moment in time.

Then they heard noises coming from the bushes. He discovered reindeer and people. Then soldiers appeared. They were the Northuldra and the Arendelians from the story of King Agnarr.

The two sides that were still at odds after so many years.

Yelana, the leader of the Northuldra faced the three.

Why would nature gift magic to a person from Arendelle? she asked.

Perhaps to compensate for the deeds of your people, replied Lieutenant Mattias.

My people are innocent said Yelana, we would never attack without reason.

Elsa tried to reassure them. She told them about the voice that led her to the forest. She told them that she was confident she would find the answers that would set everyone free. She asked them to trust her.

Suddenly, the fire spirit began to burn the forest, igniting it into flames. Chaos erupted as it blazed a trail through it, burning everything in its path.

Elsa tried to save them all with her powers. Until she could make it, and the fire spirit rebelled and was a little salamander. And looking into her eyes, Elsa could understand her feelings of pain and fear. Then she realized that this salamander also heard the voice. What do we do? Elsa said to it.

The salamander looked into the distance and knew what she was trying to tell them. We have to go north,” said Elsa.

When the sisters were reunited, Elsa pulled out her mother’s blanket and wrapped Anna in it. She knew it would comfort her. Ryder and his sister Honeymaren looked on in intrigue. Elsa explained to them that it was a gift their father had given their mother. After they recognized the symbols on the blanket, Ryder led the sisters to the ice sculptures Elsa had created. Elsa compared her mother’s blanket to the one the young girl was wearing. They were identical. The girl who had saved her father had been Northuldra.

At the camp Honeymaren showed Elsa the nature spirits symbolized on her blanket. To Elsa’s surprise, there was a fifth spirit called the bridge. It was said to connect nature magic with humans and disappeared when people stopped listening.

Elsa was worried. We must go now, I need to find the voice, she explained. Anna agreed, but first she had to warn Kristoff. I’m looking for him all over the camp but I can’t find him, she said. With a sad heart she followed her sister and Olaf north.

When Kristoff heard that they were gone, he was very sad and felt sorry for them.

The journey north led Elsa, Anna and Olaf to the top of a hill. From there they spotted an Arendelian ship, which had been wrecked.

Anna and Elsa gasped as they realized it was their parents’ ship. They found a map, which they unfolded on the deck and saw that it clearly marked the location of the Ahtohallan. Her parents had made that journey to seek answers about Elsa’s magic.

It’s my fault, said Elsa on the verge of tears. Anna insisted that she was not responsible for her parents’ choices and reminded her of her important mission.

If anyone can save Arendelle, if anyone can restore this forest and set us free, it is you, she told him. I believe in you more than anyone.

Elsa vowed to cross the dark sea and find the Ahtohallan, but she had to do it alone.

No, we will do this together, Anna said, but Elsa refused.

I don’t want to stop you, but I can’t leave you alone Elsa. I can’t lose you. I can’t lose you either, Anna. Then Elsa magically created a boat for Anna and Olaf and sent it down an icy path.

Elsa had reached the north and stood at the edge of the dark sea. She undid the braid in her hair and pinned it up. Then she took off her coat and boots. She took a few steps back. He took a breath and ran. As Elsa ran across the sand toward the sea, snowflakes formed under her feet. The ice held her above the water as she moved away from the shore.

And so she fought her way across the dark sea.

Deep beneath the dark water, a lightning bolt illuminated Nokk the water spirit. Nokk swam up to Elsa staring into her eyes before disappearing in the next flash. When Elsa surfaced, she began to run. Nokk emerged and rammed the ice. The two continued to fight both above and below the water.

At first the water spirit resisted, but galloping to the opposite shore, Nokk and Elsa were soon in harmony. Elsa had found the Ahtohallan! The mysterious voice was silenced and for the first time in her life, Elsa felt completely relieved.

The journey had changed her, set her free. She had no doubt that the Enchanted Forest and all the people trapped there would soon be free.

Peace and harmony would finally reign again.


Reflection on the story: The story of Frozen II can be interpreted in different ways, but one possible reflection that can be drawn is on the importance of facing the past in order to move forward into the future and achieve true harmony and reconciliation. In the story, Elsa and her friends embark on a journey to the north to discover the truth behind the voice that called her and confront the past mistakes of her people and her family. In the end, they manage to reconcile the two conflicting groups and undo the spell that threatened to destroy Arendelle.

The tale can also be seen as a reflection on the power of friendship and brotherly love. Despite obstacles and fears, Anna is always there to support Elsa and vice versa, allowing them to overcome the trials they face and save their people.

Overall, the Frozen II story invites us to reflect on the importance of empathy, solidarity, perseverance and the courage to face our fears and past mistakes in order to build a better future.

Frozen II Frequently Asked Questions

¿Why does Elsa hear a voice calling her?

The voice is the call of the nature spirits for Elsa, asking her to discover the truth about her past and save the enchanted forest.

¿What is the story of the enchanted forest?

The enchanted forest is home to nature spirits and was sealed by Arendelle’s ancestors due to a dispute with the spirits.

¿Why is Elsa so drawn to the enchanted forest?

Elsa feels a special connection to the enchanted forest because she has the ability to control ice and snow, which are natural elements found in the forest.

¿What is the significance of the song Into the Unknown?

The song “Into the Unknown” represents Elsa’s call to an adventure and her desire to discover the truth about her past and her connection to the spirits of nature.

¿Who is the Nokk and what is his role in the story?

The Nokk is a water spirit who helps Elsa reach the glacier where the source of Elsa’s powers is located.

¿Why does Anna want to follow Elsa on her journey to the enchanted forest?

Anna wants to be by Elsa’s side on her journey because she cares about her and wants to help her discover the truth about her past.

¿Who is the mysterious figure that Elsa and Anna see in the Enchanted Forest?

The mysterious figure is Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna’s mother, who sacrificed herself to save her husband and the other inhabitants of Arendelle.

¿What is the truth about the relationship of Arendelle's ancestors and nature spirits?

Arendelle’s ancestors committed an injustice against the nature spirits by trying to control them, which led to the creation of the enchanted forest.

¿How is the enchanted forest saved at the end of the movie?

Elsa manages to reconcile with the nature spirits and restores balance to the enchanted forest.

¿What important lessons can be learned from the story of Frozen II?

Some important lessons that can be learned from the story are the importance of following our instincts, the need to seek the truth about our past, and the importance of friendship and love in our lives.

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  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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