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The Butterfly Princess

The Butterfly PrincessShort tale: The Butterfly Princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess. With a skin as pure as her soul, with eyes so fascinating that you could get lost in them, she was famous in all the neighboring kingdoms, not only for her beauty, but also for her wit and intelligence.

Many princes wanted to become her knight in shining armor, but failed.

A man possessed of magic that could even dry the oceans, fell in love with this princess.

The magician traveled to the castle to ask for the princess’ hand in marriage.

-He said, “Beautiful princess, I have come all this way to ask for your hand.

But the princess refused him.

-You are not worth it.

This comment angered the magician. He loved her too much to let her go. So he transformed her into a butterfly. They disappeared into thin air before anyone realized what happened.

He promised her that he would give them their lives back if she would marry him. But still, the princess refused him.

-Beautiful princess. –Why do you keep refusing?

-You’re not worth it.

I’m not worth it? But you’re a butterfly. Love me and I’ll make you human again.

Never! Said the princess.

But one night she had the chance to escape. And she did.

-But what will it take for the princess to accept. Oh, no, she ran away.

-Oh, oh, how tiring it is to fly.

Princess Butterfly was almost caught by an eagle, but managed to escape. For a moment the princess forgot she was a butterfly, but the stubborn princess wiped away her tears and continued onward until she came to a painter’s house.

-Ah, what is this?

Who is my new visitor?

-I am the princess.

What a beautiful butterfly!

– Why do you have portraits of me on the wall?

The painter doesn’t listen to her pleas, the princess’s voice is so tiny that even a mosquito couldn’t hear it.

Are you admiring my paintings of the princess? She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Her face haunts my dreams. That’s why I paint her.

-But I’m Princess Skyla. -What are you doing? Let me go!

Don’t worry, I already have a new butterfly friend.

The painter catches the princess without knowing that she is the princess he admires so much.

Two days later, once her wing had recovered, the painter released her into the wild. The princess flew and flew without knowing where she was going.

-Oh, oh my God, where am I going.

Then she comes upon a waterfall. It reminds her of the waterfall she used to go to every full moon and sing to her heart’s content.

Slowly, she began to weep and hum a sad melody. Little did she know that the waterfall was home to a goddess.

-You have an exquisite voice, little butterfly.

-I am a princess.

I heard you humming from inside my home.

-Humming I thought I was singing.

The princess still doesn’t understand that the world cannot hear her true voice.

-Mere mortals cannot hear you. I will grant you the power of voice.

Then the true voice of the princess is heard. Princess Mariposa begins to sing as she pleases. This impressed the goddess so much that she granted the princess a wish.

-Oh, thank you very much goddess.

She tells the goddess her story and says that her wish is to be given her human form again.

-I can do no such thing, for the spell is too powerful to be permanently reversed.

-What do you mean by permanently.

-I can bestow your human form, but only for two minutes.

-Ah, thank you, thank you.

-The only way to really break the spell is to kill the one who put it on you.

-That miserable old wizard did this to me.

-If you can defeat that wizard, you’ll be human again.

They told the princess that two minutes will come in a time of great need.

-Then, once the two minutes have passed, you will go back to being a butterfly forever if you cannot kill the wizard.

-Yes goddess, I know what I have to do.

-Ah, my little butterfly friend has returned, said the painter.

-You must help me, please help me.

But you can talk! What do you need?

-I am Princess Skyla. I need your help to become human again.

-I don’t understand how she can be the princess. The object of my love and affection for all these years. If you’re just a butterfly.

-An evil wizard who was in love with me, changed me to this appearance and captured me. I narrowly managed to escape from his wretched eagle, trying to escape I ended up here.

The painter was in a dilemma.

Would this butterfly who was talking really be the shearing princess?

-You’ll have to prove to me that you were the princess.

What nonsense!

-Then I’m supposed to believe every talking butterfly that wanders through my house.

He was right.

-All right, ask me, I do that only the real princess would know.

What did your father give you for your sixth birthday?

-That’s easy. A very pretty pony, I ride it to this day. Or rather I did when I was human.

That’s right! Oh, you really are the princess. I’m so happy to have you in my home.

-Yes, yes, we have to hurry. The magician.

-Of course we do, my princess.

But what are you doing? We must go now.

The painter began to dig in his yard and said:

-I must face a wizard with my own hands princess, I have weapons and armor here somewhere.

He was not the fiercest warrior. However, when he stopped in front of the princess, ready to give his life for her, something stirred deep inside him.

-How long have you been painting me.

-Since the day you were born. I saw that you were worthy to paint. I didn’t know you were becoming like this.

The princess then realized that this painter is the one she had been looking for all her life.

-We should not leave, princess.

-Oh, if we must hurry to get to the wizard’s castle, I will go there.

They traveled to the dark and gloomy magician’s castle.

-His room is down here. If he is sleeping, perhaps we can kill him before he wakes.

-I wish. I’m no great knight.

Who’s there!

Oh, my God, who dares to enter my house!

-It’s Princess Skyla and her brave warrior.

-This fool is supposed to be my opponent.

The evil wizard threw his powers at the warrior, the princess to save him stepped in and became human.

-Oh no, my princess, you became human to save me.

-You are my knight, my true prince.

Seeing her on the verge of death, the magician changed his mind.

-I don’t care if she feels the same way or not, I love her too much to let her die.

With his powers he saved the princess and disappeared.

She’s gone! I’m human again.

-Let’s go home, my princess.

They took a horse from the wizard’s stable and began the walk home to start their new life together. And they were happy ever after.


Source: Spanish fairy tales

Reflection on the story: The story “The Butterfly Princess” tells us a story about the importance of being true to oneself and not settling for what does not make us happy. The princess refuses to marry a man who does not value her true beauty, and for this she is punished and transformed into a butterfly. However, despite the difficulties she faces, the princess remains loyal to her values and her identity, and this leads her to seek a way to break the spell and regain her human form.

The story also shows us the importance of kindness and selfless help from others, as when the goddess grants the princess the ability to sing and offers her a short period of time to regain her human form.

Frequently asked questions about the story The Butterfly Princess

¿Who fell in love with the princess in the fairy tale?

A magician who possessed a very powerful magic.

¿Why does the princess turn into a butterfly?

The magician transforms her into a butterfly as punishment for refusing his marriage proposal.

¿What does the magician promise the butterfly princess to become human again?

He promises to return her to her human form if she marries him.

¿Why does the princess reject the wizard's offer to become human again?

The princess rejects the wizard’s offer because she is unwilling to marry someone who has mistreated her.

¿How does the butterfly princess manage to escape from the eagle's clutches?

The butterfly princess manages to escape from the eagle using her flying skills and agility.

¿Why does the painter catch the butterfly princess?

The painter catches the butterfly princess because he thinks she is a beautiful butterfly and wants to have her as a friend.

¿Why is the goddess moved by the voice of the butterfly princess?

The goddess is moved by the voice of the butterfly princess because she is exquisite and beautiful.

¿Why can't the goddess grant the butterfly princess her wish to become human again?

The goddess cannot grant the princess her wish to be human again because the spell is too powerful to be permanently reversed.

¿How can the princess return to her human form?

The only way to return to her human form is to kill the wizard who transformed her into a butterfly.

¿What is the butterfly princess's wish when she meets the goddess?

The butterfly princess’s wish is for the goddess to return her to her human form.

How much do they know about the story The Butterfly Princess

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  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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