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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding HoodShort tale: Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a cute and adorable little girl who lived in a small village and was loved by all her neighbors. In addition, the little girl had an excellent relationship with her grandmother, who lived in the forest and often liked to visit her to keep her company or run errands.

The grandmother, aware of the cold that her granddaughter sometimes went to see her, gave her a beautiful red bonnet. The little girl, grateful and delighted with the hood, did not hesitate to celebrate and promise to always wear it. For this reason, they began to call her Little Red Riding Hood in the village.

Early one morning, Little Red Riding Hood’s mother asked her to take some pancakes and a small jar of butter to her grandmother, who was a little ill. The little girl, after listening to her mother’s instructions and the prohibition to leave the path, took her basket and, happy and content, set off for her grandmother’s house.

As soon as she entered the forest, a wolf surprised her and Little Red Riding Hood, unaware of the danger, struck up a conversation with him.

Good morning, Little Red Riding Hood, where are you going so early today,” said the wolf.

Good morning, kind wolf, I am going to my grandmother’s house, said Little Red Riding Hood.

And what are you carrying in that basket, replied the wolf.

Pancakes and butter to strengthen my grandmother who is ill, replied Little Red Riding Hood.

Where does your granny live?, continued the wolf.

Half a kilometer from here,” answered the naïve little girl. Her house is in that village, just past the mill,” continued Little Red Riding Hood.

The wolf thought silently how appetizing it would be to give her a good bite to eat, and proposed to accompany her to her grandmother’s house to gain her confidence.

After a while walking, the wolf pointed out some pretty flowers to the little girl in the distance, proposing a gift for Grandma. Little Red Riding Hood thought how happy her grandmother would be if she received such a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She went out of the way to get them, knowing that it was still too long a day to return home and that her mother would not know about it.

Then the wolf disappeared and ran to Granny’s house looking for a shortcut on the road to get there before Little Red Riding Hood.

When the wolf arrived at Granny’s house, he knocked on the door and a slightly congested voice was heard. Granny asked.

Little Red Riding Hood, answered the wolf. Open up, Granny, I have cakes and butter for you, continued the wolf.

Turn the lock and you open the door, Little Red Riding Hood, I’m a little weak and I can’t get up, said Granny.

The wolf opened the door, went to the bed where Grandma was lying and without a word he ate her in one bite. Afterwards, the wolf looked for some clothes and a hat and disguised himself as granny and lay down on the bed.

Meanwhile, the innocent little girl, who had been picking out the prettiest flowers one by one to make a pretty bouquet for her grandmother, remembered that she was going to be late and set off on her way to her grandmother’s house with her basket and bouquet.

When the little girl arrived at the house where her grandmother lived, she was surprised to see the door open and with a strange feeling she decided to enter and shouted “Good morning” to which she received no answer. Strangely, the little girl went to the bedroom where she thought she saw her grandmother lying down.

Seeing her so covered up and looking somewhat strange, Little Red Riding Hood said to Granny, “Granny, what big ears you have”.

The wolf disguised as Granny replied, “Little Red Riding Hood, they are for hearing you better, my child”.

Little Red Riding Hood continued, “Granny, but what big eyes you have”.

“They are to see you better, my dear granddaughter”, replied the wolf.

And what a big mouth you have, Granny, continued Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf jumped out of bed and answered: “It is to eat you better” and in one bite swallowed the little girl without giving her time to react.

After a tremendous feast, the wolf decided to take a nap to rest and began to snore loudly.

Suddenly, a hunter passing by, hearing the snoring and thinking that perhaps the grandmother needed some help, approached the house and entered the bedroom. Upon seeing the wolf, the hunter said to the wolf in a low voice as he lay sleeping: “Here I find you old sinner, I’ve been after you for a long time, I’ll hunt you down” and pointed the shotgun at him with the intention of killing him. However, a second before shooting, he thought that maybe the granny was in the wolf’s stomach and decided not to do it and look for an alternative plan.

The hunter stealthily took a pair of scissors and began to cut open the stomach of the sleeping wolf and saw the red hood in one of the cuts. He continued cutting and managed to get Little Red Riding Hood and Granny out safe and sound.

Quickly and before the wolf woke up, Little Red Riding Hood looked for some stones and they stuffed the wolf’s belly. When the wolf awoke from his deep sleep, he wanted to run away from the hunter, but his belly was so heavy that he fell dead from the effort.

So the hunter accompanied Little Red Riding Hood home. The grandmother ate her granddaughter’s cake and butter and the disease disappeared and everyone lived happily and ate partridges.

Little Red Riding Hood learned that we should always listen to our parents, because they advise us for our own good.


Reflection on the story: The story of Little Red Riding Hood presents us with a reflection on the dangers of naivety and blind trust in others. Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent little girl who strikes up a conversation with an unknown wolf in the forest and confides information about her fate and the contents of her basket. The wolf, taking advantage of her naivety, takes advantage of her naivety to get to the grandmother’s house first and eat the old lady.

The story teaches us to be cautious and not to trust strangers, especially strangers who talk to us on the street. It also shows us that we should not stray from the path we have been told or go outside the established rules, as this can lead us into dangerous and unexpected situations.

Frequently asked questions about the story Little Red Riding Hood

¿What is the story of Little Red Riding Hood about?

The story is about a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood who goes to visit her granny and meets a wolf in the woods.

¿Why is her name Little Red Riding Hood?

Little Red Riding Hood is so named because her granny gave her a red bonnet that she always wore.

¿What did Little Red Riding Hood carry in her basket?

Little Red Riding Hood carried pancakes and a little jar of butter for her sick granny.

¿Why did the wolf want to trick Little Red Riding Hood?

The wolf wanted to trick Little Red Riding Hood so he could eat her.

¿Why does Little Red Riding Hood stray from the path?

Little Red Riding Hood goes out of her way to pick the flowers because she wanted to give a present to her grandmother.

¿What did the wolf do after he tricked Little Red Riding Hood?

The wolf ran to granny’s house, ate her and dressed up as her.

¿How did Little Red Riding Hood realize that something strange was going on?

Little Red Riding Hood realized something strange was going on when she saw Granny looking strange and asked about her ears, eyes and mouth.

¿How does the wolf react when Little Red Riding Hood asks him about his physical characteristics?

The wolf replies that his physical features are to hear, see and eat better.

¿What lesson can be learned from the tale of Little Red Riding Hood?

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood teaches children not to talk to strangers and to follow their parents’ instructions.

¿Where does the tale of Little Red Riding Hood come from?

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood is of European origin and has been told in different versions over the years.

How much do they know about the story Little Red Riding Hood

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story Little Red Riding Hood. We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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