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Moana (Vaiana – Disney Princess)

Moana (Vaiana – Disney Princess)Short tale: Moana (Vaiana – Disney Princess)

Moana lived with her family on the beautiful island of Motunui, which was surrounded by a shimmering sea with a coral reef. Moana’s father was Chief Tui.

Tui wanted his people to feel safe and happy. What he feared most was that someone would sail beyond the reef, as it was very dangerous.

Tala, who was Moana’s grandmother, one day told a legend to the children of the village.

Once upon a time there was an island that was actually the goddess Te Fiti, from whose heart life flowed. But the demigod Maui, jealous of her power, took her heart and fled.

Then, the demon Te Ka attacked Maui and in the middle of the fight, the heart was lost in the sea.

Unlike the other children, who were frightened, Moana was fascinated by the legend.

Later, when Moana was playing on the beach, a wall of water surrounded her. The little girl saw a stone with a spiral and picked it up.

Then, the sea carried Moana to the shore with her parents. As the three embraced, the girl lost the stone.

When they were gone, Tala came out of some bushes, picked up the stone and inserted it into her colar: it was Te Fiti’s heart!

Many years later, when Moana turned sixteen, her father took her to the top of the highest mountain on the island.

-One day, you too will put a stone here and be the chief of Motunui, he explained.

That same day, Tala took her granddaughter to a secret cave that was filled with boats. She told her that when Maui stole Te Fiti’s heart, darkness and monsters invaded the seas and the ancient chiefs forbade sailing.

-To stop the darkness from reaching the island, you must find Maui and get him to return Te Fiti’s heart, Tala explained as she gave him the stone.

When they returned to the village, Tala became very sick.

-Go, she whispered to her granddaughter with the last of her strength.

Moana entered the ocean with one of the cave’s boats. Suddenly, a storm broke out and Moana was shipwrecked on a strange island. Then a shadow fell over her…

it was Maui! But the demigod did not want to return Te Fiti’s heart, but to look for the magic hook he had lost. Maui locked Moana in a cave and left with his boat.

Moana did not want to let Maui escape, so she left the cave and dived into the sea.

To her surprise, the ocean carried her to the boat.

-You have to return the heart! She shouted to Maui, who still didn’t want to help her, and Maui, of course, freaked out.

Suddenly, they were attacked by the kakamora, small creatures with coconut armor. Moana and Maui fought them together and managed to escape.

Seeing how brave Moana had been, Maui agreed to go in search of Te Fiti. But first he wanted to recover his hook, in the hands of Tamatoa, a giant crab that lived in Lalotai, the kingdom of monsters. On the way there, Maui taught Moana everything he knew about sailing.

When they reached the dark kingdom of Lalotai, Moana found the hook. But she couldn’t get close to it because Tamatoa appeared.

Moana distracted the monstrous crab and retrieved Maui’s hook.

Before Tamatoa could react, a geyser expelled Moana and Maui from Lalotai’s kingdom and they were able to escape.

Moana and Maui, transformed into a hawk thanks to the hook, resumed their journey. When they were about to reach the island of the goddess Te Fiti, Te Ka appeared. The demon struck Maui, who fell into the water and regained his human form. Moana rescued him and they headed back to the island.

-We won’t make it! Turn around! -shouted Maui.

Te Ka tried to smash the boat with a punch, but the demigod stopped him with his hook.

A big wave carried them away from the island. Maui, furious that Te Ka had broken his hook, turned back into a hawk and flew away.

With tears in her eyes, Moana said to the ocean:

-I have failed. You will have to look for someone else. And, defeated, she threw Te Fiti’s heart into the water.

Then, the spirit of Tala appeared. He reminded her that it was not Maui who should return Te Fiti’s heart, but she. As they spoke, hundreds of ghost boats of Moana’s ancestors surrounded them.

Do you know who you are? -asked her grandmother.

Moana knew what she had to do and jumped into the ocean to retrieve Te Fiti’s heart.

When she found him, she returned to the boat and set sail for the island again. But Te Ka stood in her way, throwing lava flares at her. Luckily, the falcon Maui arrived!

While Maui was confronting Te Ka, Moana arrived at Te Fiti. But instead of the goddess island, all she found was an empty crater! Moana started humming the song of her ancestors. Hearing it, Te Ka stopped in front of her. Suddenly, the monster no longer seemed so terrifying.

Moana leaned her forehead against Te Ka’s and returned his heart. The monster transformed and Te Fiti sprang from within. The mother island opened its hand and showed Maui’s repaired hook. And life returned to the island!

Maui said goodbye to Moana and, transformed into a hawk, flew away. The girl returned to Motunui. At last she knew who she was: an ocean explorer destined to lead her people.


Source: Disney

Reflection on the story: The story of Moana tells us the importance of having courage and following our dreams. Moana, the protagonist of the story, is a brave young girl who decides to face her fears and defy the rules of her community to save her people and restore balance to the world. Throughout the story, Moana learns to trust herself and her ability to make important decisions. She also learns the importance of working as a team and asking for help when she needs it.

The story also tells us about the importance of knowing our roots and our history, and the need to preserve the traditions and culture of our communities. Moana is fascinated by the legend of Te Fiti and decides to go on a journey to find the heart of the goddess and restore harmony in the world.

Frequently asked questions about the story Moana

¿What is the story of Moana about?

The story follows Moana, a young Polynesian princess, on her journey to restore the glory of her tribe and discover her true identity as a navigator.

¿What message does the movie Moana convey?

Moana conveys a message of female empowerment and the importance of following your dreams, even if they go against what is expected of you.

¿What is the relationship between Moana and Maui?

Maui is a demigod who helps Moana on her mission to find the lost island of Te Fiti and restore the heart of the goddess. Although they have a strained relationship at first, they eventually become close friends.

¿Why does Moana want to sail beyond her tribe's island?

Moana has always felt an attraction to the ocean and wants to explore beyond her island to help her tribe regain their lost identity.

¿Why does Moana's father tell her that she shouldn't sail beyond the reefs?

Moana’s father fears for her safety and wants to protect her from the dangers of the ocean.

¿What is the role of the ocean in the story?

The ocean is an important character in the tale, guiding and helping Moana on her journey.

¿What does the necklace Moana is wearing mean?

The necklace is a symbol of Moana’s connection to the ocean and her role as a navigator.

¿What role do the Kakamora play in the movie?

The Kakamora are a tribe of pirates that Moana and Maui must face in their mission to win back Te Fiti’s heart.

¿Who is Te Fiti?

Te Fiti is a goddess who creates life on land and whose heart is stolen, causing vegetation and sea life to begin to disappear.

¿What is Moana and Maui's final challenge?

The final challenge is to restore Te Fiti’s heart and save the world from destruction.

How much do they know about the story Moana (Vaiana – Disney Princess)

It's time to test your children's knowledge of the story Moana (Vaiana – Disney Princess). We will prepare a questionnaire of questions for your children.

  • What is the name of the story?
  • What characters appeared in the story?
  • Who was the main character in the story?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • Where did the story take place?
  • Can you invent another ending for the story?

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